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WOW summer school is over and it really feels like summer now. oh man this weekend was one of the funnest ive had in a while. i havent stoped moving since the end of school on thursday....soo many new things to talk about. I hate how i like someone until i have a chance with them...then i dont anymore. but who wants to here the story of my life on live journal. pictures tell it all. theres a shit load of pictures in this entry.

last day of summer school.

Me and cathy could run you down anyday.

heh heh zachs angry driving

I was suposed to go to see the partisans on friday but i got grounded for......SPIKING MY HAIR! thats bull shit. its not new or anything. my dad was like "spiking your hair is like smoking a pack of cigaretts a day for a year" i kindof blew up at him after that so yeah i didnt go..but i had fun that night. i watched Y Tu'Mamma Tambien with juan. after my dad made me wash my hair out.

washed out....what a wast of time ;(

Friday i cant really remember what i did during the day..i know audry came over but i dont know what we did. i went to that cobalt to see the scuff. so many people i knew were there. i hung out with Eugean most of the time :/) but i used a real camra that night so i cant post pictures. its really wierd but i dont even remember coming home that night.

saturday morning (the day before all the spanis go back to spain) Juan and Rodrigo made all of us spanish food.

Oh and here just to ad to the wierd pictures of my mom on other peoples lj's

later saturday some more of the spanish kids came over and had a party of sorts. Audrey Zach and Nate came over too.

heh he fits in all my clothes

zachs to tall for my midget bed


Later we left and went to zachs house where jessi cut audreys hair......i love zachs room its the colest next to mine. he has a deadly weapon at arms reach all the time...i feel so safe.



fell out of a tree :( heh heh

me audrey and nate want back to my house for dinner.

after dinner we went to meet up with zach at the cobalt....why i dont know. we didnt have any plans on going in. but we all went back to zachs house.

midget with a sword!

Completing the Circle again Me Audrey and nate came back to my house and went swimming at like 2:00. then nate left and audrey slept over. fun times.

in the morning we decided to go to Jet Rag in hollywood for the $1 sale. its was cool i boutgh doc martens 8i boots for $1! We almost died on the way back when Nates tire completly EXPLODED! we swerved on the freeway and had too pull of to a gass station to change the tire.

later i went to see Jhonnys band the Homesick Abortions. there were litlerally 10 people there...we just stayed for H.A. then amir drove us to meet josh. and i borowerd a bunch of cds.


Heh Heh go jhonny :)

Ahh ok finally done ....bye
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