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Um im really getting tired of summer school thank god its over thursday. PARTISANS THURSDAY! Whos going? Thursday was zachs b-day. It was funnnn. i got to hang out with zach!! it made me happy ;) and Eugeane who i havent seen in a million years! I missed him. i used to have a huge crush on him but i dont think i do anymore. i dunno maybe, maybe not. I slept at Jessis thursday night. Friday hung around then went to JUDO for 4 howers with Audrey. Judo was so funn im going to do it more often.....i want to try grapling to but i dont want to die though so maybe ill skip the grapling. ok heres pictures.

Zach! HAPPY B DAY.!!

yeah i dont think ill ever remember his name....hes just shirt guy to me. Psh kevin?

Me and Eugeane.

Zach and Audrey.

This picture is so unatractive but i love it.

Zack-I took more pictures at your thing if you want them ask me.

these pics are like a story....people dont like you taking pictures of them waking up.

Ok now for JUDO pictures. MOOO ;)

Ok that all i got bye
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