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Havent updated in a while. so heres some pictures. if you cant see them....oh well most of you have te pass word to my photo bucket anyways.

These are from last last thursdays wrestling match. Note how many pictures I actualy took of wrestling.

and they say wrestling is the #1 cause of boys getting eating disorders in the US.

me and jeff are fat kids.

this shrimp got more play then....:::something clever::

Lookin spiffy in my yellow suite.

We went to in and out.

how hott is that!

Random pictures from school

Ashley and her crzy see through pants.

Agghhh i have no arm


how much more homoerotic could our table get?

Last Thursdays wrestling match. note once again how many pictures i take of actual wrestling.

Got to see Chelsea. I hevent seen her in such a long time.

Friday night at Jeffs house.

Jeff tried to teach me how wrestling brackets and whatnot work.

I love his fat cat.

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