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Darby Crash Wants YOU!!!

Sami G.
29 September
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, 77-84, a clockwork orange, absolute pleasure, agent orange, agnostic front, alice copper, angel city outcasts, anti-flag, antidote, atheism, bad acid trip, bad brains, bad religion, beer, belinda carlisle, biting, black flag, blanks 77, blitz, blondie, blood brothers, bobby pyn, brian deneke, brody armstrong, buzzcocks, career soldiers, casualties, cheap sex, circle jerks, citizen fish, cock sparrer, cocksparrer, concerts, conflict, crass, darby crash, dead boys, dead kennedys, dead milk men, defiance, descendents, discharge, distillers., don bolles, drinking, drop kick murphys d.o.a, duct tape, eddie izzard, fear, fight club, fugazi, g.b.h, gbh, generation x, germs, ghost world, global threat, guitar, guns n' roses, henry rollins, home star runner, husker du, iggy pop, insomnia, johnny rotten, lars frederiksen, led zepplin, lou reed, lower class brats, making clothes, minor threat, misfits, monty python, moshing, narcoleptic youth, nirvana, nofx, oi, oi polloi, operation ivy, oxymoron, pabst, partisans, pat smear, paul beham, pink floyd, pixies, poison, punk rock, ramones, rancid, rob henley, scientology, sex pistols, sham 69, sid vicous, social distortion, sonic youth, stanly kubrick, starbucks, strong bad's e-mails, subhumans, sublime, suicidal tendecies, systenm of a down, t.s.o.l, the adicts, the blood brothers, the business, the clash, the cramps, the damned, the devotchkas, the exploited, the germs, the misfits, the partisans, the unseen, the velvetunderground, the virus, thora birtch, tiger army, total chaos, tsol, twisted sister, u.s. bombs, uk subs, us bombs, vandals, vice squad, violent femmes, virus 9, virus nine, vodka, wire, woot, x ray specs, xray spex, youth brigade