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Ok so i made a bit a mistake planing my party for the 25th cuz its a jewish holiday. a bunch of people couldnt come because of it so i changed it. it will now be on October 2nd at my house for sure. the bands playing are Smash Adams,The Idiots, and posibly amirs band Festussssss. If you can see this you are invited. cal me if you are planing on coming so i know who to expect. most of you probably dont need directions but definetly call if you do. 888-8026.

dont have much to say other than im going to a wrestling thing this weekend...i will get my ass kicked of course :)

I want a guy. it frestrates me. i have a crush but it would never happen ina million years. im done hooking up with people its pointles..really.

umm i had to make a collage of me with my friends for my spanish class and i liked how it turned out so im going to post it here. i tried to put pictures of evryone in there but i dont have pics of some people so it is. its alot clearer but photobucket fucks evrything up :/

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