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OK an update....Im good as far as i know. i got nothing to complain about. haha last night was so funny. Juan came home with like ALL of the other Spanis. Their crazy all of them. Audrey came over and we partyed with the Spanis. i got so sick from the TEA. i think i drank like (--------------------------------------------------------) that much. We all ended up in the pool...even though i hate being wet and pools are ummm wet. ok now for pics.

I went to Sandras house before wrestling.

after wrestling i went home and slept for a cople owers then audrey came over and all the Spanyards arived.

the one in the white climed fucking 50 feet up a tree in my back yard.

Thats my favrite pic ever.

We wore my dads bathing suits ;)

alright thats all ive got from there.

oh man i just have to put these up. i have to have a party now just because my room is so cool. you guys have no idea what hell it was to fucking put that fabric up there." WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=400 ALT="">

<img src=" Some one buy this for me and my life will be complete. i know theres some prolems with the pics. but w/e ok thats all i got at the moment bye. <lj-cut>
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