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I had a really great weekend. One of the best weekends ive had in a really long time. im so free to do what i want right now. no cerfew my mom drives me places at 1 in the morning...she so cool i really couldnt ask for a better mom. wow im a dork. ok on to pictures.

saturday i went to see fireworks and some weird band play. i forgot to put the card back in the cam so theres no pics from there. but it was cool.

the 4th was cool. even though most of my plans fell through and i sat on my ass til 3 i had a great time.

oh i also finished my walls they look really good.

Cezar came over we listend to music and were generally bord off ower asses so we decided to take a trip to target....why i really dont know. these picstures are a result of exteme bordome and two people with insanely bad sensess of humor. enjoy.

Gee I wish i had a cool pink sweater to go with this cool skirt ;(

Then we went to the supper market to get some food for the party…

later i went to a party at my neibors. it was cool.

Jaun and Justin

Met this guy again…hes really cool.
We watched Boondock Saints it was so fucking good. Everyone go rent that.

Monday i saw farenhight 9/11 with Anaa. I havent hung out with her in a million years. It was so fun.

k im done bye…this was a boring entry.
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