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Long ass weekend. I used a real camera at the bouncing souls and horrorpops shows so ill post those when i get it developed. so heres pics from last week.

Well start with how i get through school without exploding.......taking random pictures.




its 10 pounds of chocolate. cuz jeff is too skinny.


Thursday night went to Comedy Sportz with jeff and andrew.

Friday went to a Horrorpops show with jeff and andrew. Andrews dad works with the band so wee could have gone back stage but decided to run 6 blocks down to right aid to get a camera. Horrorpops were good. met some guy chris from bad religion and some guy from guttermouth. that would have been real cool if i liked either of those bands. After that we went to the bouncing souls show. the whole point of going to the horrorpops show was to miss the opening bands at the BS show but we didnt we had to see them all. and they all sucked.
well i was crowd surfing during the bouncing souls and got dropped into the middle of the pit. i got picked up but someone elbowed me in the eye and i passed out for like 2 mins.

valentines day i went to the wrestling banquet with jeff. I only took on pic.

Jeff and jon were wearing the same shirt. look at them all dressed spiffy.

we saw a lemonade stand on the way home.

i went to jeffs for dinner then we hung out till 11 and went cosmic bowling.

jeff is a sexy abacrombie modle.

sunday went to dinner with jeff and forgot my camera. we lit cups on fire.

monday got a hair cut. ant sat around bored taking pictures of my beutifull purple eye.

Too short? yes or no

I think it looks like some one took lipstick and drew on my eye.
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