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Hey im going to post the pictures from school here. friday night went to andrew/jeffs house. i have crazy cool pictures. if you want them aske me for my photo bucket password. im not going to give it to random people though. email me

Mell came to CHS today

She has big boobs.

I own one.

You know you want to see the rest of these pictures.
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qt...very. send me ur code to my e-mail:
ewwww im ugly ewwwww make it go away!!!!
shut up mell.
make it go away
take my pic off!! ew...
what the fuck is with you guys. i think thats a good picture of you NAZI and mell. seriosly i wouldnt care if you posted a picture of me sneezing or what ever. but nazi i know deep down you really dont care so its ok.
i do care jasper....
photobucket password, by the way i never can see ANY of the pictures on your live journal ever. so i want the password.


February 1 2004, 11:09:04 UTC 13 years ago

I think those girls are cute, and shouldn't be complaining. Or is it the guy that's complaining?
Yeah they are cute grls but they both think their ugly for some reason. who knows. why would that sexy man be complaining.
umm who went to chs after school today? yah tahtd be me man and who looked for u and didnt see u? yah thatd be me AGAIN and who went in their louisville uniform? im sure u guessed it.. ME
NOOOOOOOOOO. you got to tell me befor you do these things. ive missed you almost every time. you know it might be eisiyer if you just went to chs everyday like normal people. but you know i love ya so next time your coming call me or something.
it was supposed to be a SURPRISE!!! i saw leah and i was looooking for jerett and any other people that know u but couldnt find anyone.... it made me sad :(
yah i win
hey add us! itz sophia and maggie